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24 Hour Insurance Claim Numbers

Please remember that the dedicated and caring staff at Maryland Permanent works for you, our customer, not your insurance company. So please call us during normal business hours, so that we may assist you in filing your claim.

But, if you have an emergency situation or its after business hours, please use these 24-hour hotline numbers to file a claim with your insurance company. We have also provided phone numbers for the insurance companies that have a different number during regular business hours. In addition, please let us know as well, on the next business day. We work for you, thus we can provide additional assistance to you.

24-Hour Assistance             

Agency Insurance Co.
(800) 841-5241
Mutual Benefit Insurance Co.
(800) 290-6361
Blue Ridge Insurance Co.
(800) 668-3494
Progressive Insurance Co.
(800) 274-4499
Chubb Insurance Co.
(800) 252-4670
Royal Insurance Co.
(877) 867-6925
(800) 588-7400
Safeco Insurance Co.
(800) 332-3226
Farm Family Insurance Co.
(800) 948-3276
State Auto Insurance Co.
(800) 766-1853
Foremost Insurance Co.
(800) 527-3907
Zurich Insurance Co.
(888) 243-8789
Hartford Insurance Co.
(800) 423-0033
Carroll County Mutual Insurance Co.
(800) 929-3929
Integon/GMAC Insurance Co.
(800) 468-3466
National Grange Mutual Insurance Co.
(877) 258-3461

Regular Business Hours  

Brethren Mutual Insurance Co.
(800) 621-4264 ext 3
Shelby Insurance Co.
(800) 299-6303
Dairyland Insurance Co.
(800) 338-2487
Windsor Insurance Co.
(800) 852-8055
Maryland Auto Insurance Co.
(800) 492-7114

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